PPU 030: How to Conduct a Year-End Review

productivity power up podcast episode 030 - how to conduct a year-end review http://www.productivitypowerup.com

  You often hear us talk about daily and weekly reviews, but in this episode of the Productivity Power Up podcast, we talk about the concept of a year-end review. I have done one on a personal level for several years. Since Larissa and I started our two podcasts together, we’ve now do one as a […]

PPU 029: How to Unplug from the Office and Enjoy Your Vacation

productivity power up podcast episode 029 - how to unplug from the office and enjoy your vacation http://www.productivitypowerup.com

  It’s not uncommon that when people take vacation time, they spend part of it working, just trying to keep up so they won’t feel swamped when they return to work. In this episode of the Productivity Power Up podcast, we share some tips to help you unplug from the office during your vacation time without feeling stressed […]

PPU 028: The Spirituality of Productivity

Productivity Power Up podcast episode 028 - the spirituality of productivity http://www.productivitypowerup.com

  In this episode of the Productivity Power Up podcast we discuss the ways in which I think productivity has made me more in-tune with myself and my ultimate purpose on earth. To me, this taps into the spiritual side of things (spiritual, not religious!). Listen to our informal chat about the spirituality of productivity and […]

PPU 027: How Siri, Your iPhone’s Personal Assistant, Can Help Increase Your Productivity

Productivity Power Up Podcast episode 027 - how Siri, your iPhone's personal assistant, can help increase your productivity http://www.productivitypowerup.com

  I just got an iPhone 6 plus and have been really trying to find ways to take advantage of all of its features.  In this episode of the Productivity Power Up podcast we share some ways you can use Siri, your iPhone’s personal assistant, to make you more productive.   Thanks for tuning in to […]