PPU 039: 5 Ways to Use Workflowy

productivity power up podcast episode 039 - 5 ways to use workflowy http://www.productivitypowerup.com

  In this episode of the Productivity Power Up Podcast, we discuss Workflowy, an application that Larissa heard about on another podcast and decided to check out. As we began to use it, we quickly discovered that it is a very simple yet powerful outlining tool. We will explain more about how Workflowy works and discuss five ways you […]

PPU 022: Is a Standing Desk Right for You?

Productivity power up podcast episode 022 - is a standing desk right for you http://www.productivitypowerup.com

  In this episode of the Productivity Power Up podcast, we discuss some pros and cons of using a standing desk. I have one both at home and at work (adjustable) and I really enjoy using it. If you are considering a standing desk, we give you some things to consider before making the investment.   Thanks for tuning in […]