PPU 004: 10 Ways to Punch Procrastination in the Gut!


Procrastination is dangerous, and not merely because it can keep you from doing the things we need and want to do.  The more you put things off, the more likely you are to begin to see yourself as a lazy, unmotivated person.

In today’s episode of the Productivity Power Up podcast, you’ll learn 10 ways you can punch procrastination in the gut!

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Quote of the Week

You may delay, but time will not.

— Benjamin Franklin


Question: What are your biggest issues with procrastination? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “PPU 004: 10 Ways to Punch Procrastination in the Gut!

  1. I call time boxing Focus Blocks. I read about it in Steve Pavlina’s blog. I also break down the projects and give myself a quit time. I know I’ll be writing blog posts on Tuesdays, so I give myself an hour before going to the next thing.

    If I’m writing I can’t listen to anything with words. If I’m doing general, mind-numbing stuff I listen to music or podcasts. I like to listen to the brain wave music on you tube.

    I have a goal to add 26 ebooks to my kindle account by this time next year. The only way I can do that is by breaking down the steps and going book by book. I’m a fan of batch processing tasks.

    • Hey Christina, thanks for your comments! I like the idea of “Focus Blocks”. That gives a clear purpose to that specified amount of time.

      Also, I’m the same way with listening to music. Words really throw me off. I’ve also discovered that sometimes even just putting the noise reduction headphones on with nothing coming through helps me focus for some reason. Maybe it just puts me in a “focus” mentality.

      I’m a big fan of batch processing as well. That’s why I tend to group tasks that are alike together on my to-do list. When I’m in a certain frame of mind (ex. writing, scheduling, etc) I find that I can zip through my actions much faster than if I’m jumping around.

      Thanks again for your comments!

  2. I love your podcast. It has changed my life! Thank you sincerely!

    I also cannot listen to anything with words. My husband has always found that strange so it is great to know I am not alone! I found Coffivity in the App Store and it is similar to the app you referenced.

    And I also work in the finance industry and would love to email you some questions regarding Outlook and keeping compliant if using an App.

    • Thanks for our comment and for listening! Please feel free to email me with any specific questions. I’m very happy to share!

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