PPU 018: How to Choose a Task Manager That’s Right for YOU


In this episode of the Productivity Power Up podcast, we discuss how to choose the right task manager FOR YOU!  We share with you what we’re currently using (emphasis on currently) and give you some things to consider when you are choosing where you house your to-do lists.


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Here’s what we mention in this episode:

Quote of the Week

The way we measure productivity is flawed. People checking their BlackBerry over dinner is not the measure of productivity.

— Tim Ferriss


Question: What is your task manager? How has it worked for you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Vickie and Larissa


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2 thoughts on “PPU 018: How to Choose a Task Manager That’s Right for YOU

  1. I am like Larissa, a hybrid. I am currently using Trello as my task manager. I have my to do’s separated into categories of Inbox, Quick and Easy, Today, This week, Active projects with steps listed in checklists (my intention here is to pull from these weekly (I can improve on this), Later, Wanna do pretty soon and someday maybe. Of course, I shift those around as needed, I love the ease in doing this with Trello. I label each card or To do in whatever context it is such as Errands, @home, Agenda, etc..I pull things daily onto my paper “bullet journal style” list and I have a daily planner that I use when I need to see my day on a time line. The time’s are listed in 15 minute intervals. I like variety and tend to switch stuff around so I’m allowing myself some flexibility by having more than one daily list I can use depending on my mood. This way I have the satisfaction of having variety while “trying” to keep my collection buckets the same. =O) For daily, I switch it up from the daily planner, the bullet journal style list, mind mapping, my Kanban board and any daily to do list I can print out online, I esp. like the Brendan Burchard daily list. Oh and I just remembered that I also like David Seay’s emergent task list. =O). I also use reminders in my smart phone either with ical or reminders, clock, etc..I may be telling you more than you asked for since I guess the simple answer would be Trello, but it all works to together as a system so I feel compelled to share all of it. =O) Great episode! Thank you! I want to check out pocket informant since hearing you talk about this. Lisa

    • Hey Lisa, Thanks for your comment and for sharing your system! I personally benefit from hearing what others are doing because it gives me ideas of what might work for me. I’m sure others appreciate it too!

      I LOVE the idea of a “Quick and Easy” list! I’ve also heard a similar list called “Low Energy List” but yours sounds so much more “positive” lol.

      While I’ve found myself gravitating back towards Omnifocus to house all of my tasks, like you, I like to write the most important things for the day down on paper. I also color and draw around them too. Fun! I find it makes my tasks more compelling.

      Thanks again for your comment!

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