PPU 040: Vickie’s Cold Shower Experiment


In today’s episode of the Productivity Power Up podcast, we discuss the possible benefits of taking cold showers, which Vickie has recently introduced into her daily routine as a way to boost her productivity.

She first learned about taking cold showers on The Tim Ferriss Podcast and then began doing some research about it on her own. We will share what she found out, and Vickie will share her own experience with taking cold showers.


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Here’s what we mention in this episode:

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Quote of the Week

JERRY: We’re having an intervention

Old Guy: An intervention? Who’s intervening?

JERRY: There’s a friend of ours on drugs and we’re going to confront him.

OLD GUY: Sure, we used to do that when one of our polar bears stopped

coming. We would go to his house and say, “What you don’t want to be a

polar bear anymore? It’s too cold for you?”

— Seinfeld, The Pez Dispenser


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