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One thought on “Do you currently do any sort of year-end review or goal setting session for yourself?

  1. I will be conducting my 7th year end/beginning review this weekend. I start by reviewing last year – calendar, looking at subjects in sent emails, reflecting, answering some “things to think about” questions I found in 2008. Then it is time to start on next year. I have a list of words I’ve thought about. Some will become my theme words, or I may bounce off them a bit

    Then it is time for some questions I learned from Julie Sheranosher last year
    Why is that important?
    What do I want to do about it? (Goal setting)
    How will I get there? (Smar goals)
    When? Which quarter will this be my theme for?
    Now I have smart goals for next year, and need to make them visible.