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4 thoughts on “What is your favorite way to take notes? Do you take notes by hand or digitally? If by hand, do you use words only or do you make them fun in some way (ex. Drawing, doodling)

  1. When I was in College and University I really wanted to take notes on the computer because I could type so much faster than I could hand write. I think my biggest problem was that I never learned how to take shorthand notes. I ended up writing most of my notes by hand because i could a laptop so clunky to have to carry everywhere. I even bought a tiny Chromebook just for taking notes and I only used it for one semester.

    Now I’m a lab technician, and it’s difficult to carry a laptop everywhere so I should carry a pad of paper and pen with me. I don’t though, and I always forget important things. I constantly feel so overwhelmed because of all the things I try to remember. Your podcast is really inspiring me to be more prepared in order to be productive and efficient at work (and home). I hope I can start building some good habits so I don’t feel so overwhelmed and so I can stop missing important things.

    • Edit: I ended up writing most of my notes by hand, because I found* a laptop too* clunky to have to carry everywhere.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Good habits take time which is why I always try and remind folks not to be too hard on themselves. Life is full of distractions that make it so easy to slip back into bad habits.